I'm super excited to release the film clip for LET GO, directed by Andrew Watson of Semiconductor Media & filmed at Yarra Hotel Abbotsford. The clip stars some familiar faces from the Melb music scene, including the very dashing Shaun of Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes as 'Mr Slimeball' (pictured above).

LET GO is set at a speed dating night, with the central character dragged along to the
event by a well meaning friend. Reluctant from the outset, she tries to calm her nerves
and own social anxieties with a drink before the night begins in earnest. After the crowd
mingles for a short while, the host welcomes participants to the evening and they take
their seats. I perform in the background, a constant presence throughout the music video.
One by one, the central character is introduced to a series of prospective suitors before
'Mr Suave' pushes her social anxiety a bit too far. She retreats to the bar to try to
recompose herself before the host encourages her back in to the event.

Resuming her place, she works through another set of faces. 'Mr Everything... But'
seems almost perfect before overwhelming her with photo after photo of his kids. She
continues working through the characters until 'Mr Slimeball', whose unwanted advances
push her to her absolute breaking point. She escapes to the bathroom in a state of panic
and anxiety before her friend comes in to to reassure and encourage her. Summoning
her strength and courage, she returns to confront 'Mr Slimeball', promptly emptying his
drink over his face before leaving. Humiliated, he gets up to follow in anger but is
stopped by the host who presents him with his exorbitant bar tab, just to add insult to

With her anxiety conquered and her strength found, the central character departs into
the night with a new found sense of self.

It's always fun coming up with concepts for videos. I remember sitting in a cafe in
Brunswick with Andrew (the director) talking about awkward situations for the lead
character and we both thought, "In this age of online/app dating, what ever happened to
speed dating nights?" I mean, what could be more awkward than being dragged along to
a night full of nervously heightened personalities who want to give you their 'sales pitch'?

When it got to shooting, the back room of the Yarra was just the perfect setting and
everyone totally embraced their characters, even though virtually nobody knew each
other previously. We ended up with a mix of dark moments and funny exchanges and,
strangely enough, by the end of it we all felt like we'd actually been speed-dating.

Hope to see everyone this Sunday at Bar Open to officially launch the single! Although there won't be any speed-dating unfortunately... #letgosingle

Watch the video here! 😁 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMMS6ijKmas
Grab your tickets here! 😁 👉 bit.ly/SimonImrei

Ciume Lochner as 'The Reluctant Speed-Dater'
Sophie Townsend as 'The Friend'
Craig 'Delsinki Records' Johnstone as 'The Host'
Jack Auburn as 'Mr Livewire'
Anthony Nero as 'Mr Mundane'
Nathan Schifferle as 'Mr Nervous'
James Heron as 'Mr Everything... But'
Owen Downie as 'Mr Suave'
Michael Haggett as 'Mr Selfie'
Shaun Ryan as 'Mr Slimeball'
and Simon Imrei as 'The Musician' :-)

Filmed at The Yarra Hotel, Abbotsford
Directed by Andrew Watson (Semiconductor Media)
Makeup by Danee Sunshyne Creative