Singer/songwriter Simon Imrei is proud to release a brand-new collection of songs into the world with his new EP, Older. With four new stripped-back acoustic offerings amongst the tracklist, capped by the recent full-band single Stand Still, in many ways the new EP continues down the path established by Simon’s 2018 two-part album, The Sum of Scenes.  

Recorded largely at The Aviary, the new music has all of the vintage tape tones and nuance that the studio is renowned for, paired with the honesty and subtly Simon has returned to in his recent releases. “Whatever style I’ve been into or music I’ve been listening to over the years, it’s always been about trying to write good songs,” Simon says. “I’ve always wanted to tread that line between creating music that’s simple enough to understand, but deep enough to hopefully resonate. It’s why I’ve always gravitated towards acoustic versions. If it stands up with one vocal and one guitar, then it goes a long way to being a good song.” 

Whilst some of the songs have been around for a few years, living in demos and occasionally on setlists onstage, Older is a snapshot of now, above all else. From the melancholy Americana of Stand Still, to the harmony-laden playfulness of Next To Me and the haunting echo of Same Old Story, the depth of the music is not only in the subject matter, but also in the eyes through which the stories are told. “There’s a different kind of feeling for me now, with songwriting,” Simon continues. “I feel like age and experience pour into my music more than ever. It’s certainly given these songs a kind of rusted-on wisdom and added context that I never intended, and couldn’t ever have planned.”

Over the last 15yrs, Simon has kept a steady roster of live shows across the country, bringing his mix of blues/roots and folk-inspired songs to life onstage, blending looped beats with layered riffs, harmonies and honest storytelling. Previously a touring band member for the likes of The Basics and A Whale Called Phoenix, Simon has more recently passionately focused his energy on his own material, releasing two EP's and two full-length albums of original material.

Growing up on the Mornington Peninsula, Simon spent his childhood riding in the back of cars along tree-lined roads and through quiet towns listening to the catchy choruses and the pop sensibility of 80s/90s radio. At home, it was his parents’ record collection which paired the storytelling of Paul Simon and James Taylor with the bluesy guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix and Santana. It wasn’t until a family Christmas watching his uncle play Buddy Rich rudiments on his drumkit, that Simon discovered his love for rhythm. This underlying aspect of movement and groove has underpinned his guitar playing and songwriting ever since.

Older is out now, available to buy/stream online via all major platforms.