The new single Stand Still is out today! So pumped to bring new music out into the world and follow on from The Sum of Scenes album, last year.

Check it out via all the platforms here: https://simonimrei.fanlink.to/stand-still

The sessions recording the song were super fun, albeit somewhat unexpected given they initially came from winning the ‘Band Prize’ of a FREE day of studio time, as part of the Triple R Radiothon. I remember walking into Head Gap… into that main room, and immediately being blown away by the space.

Rohan Sforcina was awesome as engineer/co-producer, walking me through the various little nooks and recording spaces and decoding my incoherent ramblings about how I heard the song initially in my head. It’s so good to have a calm head, but also someone who just really knows his stuff, inside and out. I tend to come at things from a very specific angle, and having someone with their eye on the whole picture is crucial for me.

I ended up playing just about every instrument on the song as well, which was a great challenge and a different approach than I’d taken in the studio before. Starting out my musical journey as a drummer, playing in a recording session has always been something that I “think” I’d be able to do, but it’s never as simple as I think. I remember playing the drum part to The Winter, a couple of years back, and once you’re all mic’d up and the “record” button goes on, it’s amazing how things can throw you and your performance.

The part for Stand Still turned out great, though, and the drum sound is one of my favourite things about the tune. From that point, we laid down bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, piano and backing vocals before Mr Matt Dixon came in to put his finishing touches on things. Matt is one of those people who is just bloody good. There’s no sugar coating it. As a guitarist, I’ve been so impressed by things I’ve heard him be a part of and gig footage from his time with James Kenyon, Emilee South or Tobias Hengeveld, but it was a gig with The Hunter Express that stuck with me. Brad (aka. Hunter Express) was launching a single upstairs at The Gasometer in Collingwood, and Matt was playing pedal steel for a couple of songs. One, in particular, was a soundscape/Pink Floyd/9-minute epic version of one of the songs and watching Matt play the tune was just mesmerising. Sometimes moments at gigs, or in music, just grab you… so I had to continue my love affair with pedal steel (after Ben Franz’s work on Unseen) and get Matt in on guitar/pedal-steel.

Anyway, speaking of rambling… :-)

Hope you enjoy the new song. Check it out NOW via all the major platforms, and make sure to grab tickets to the Single Launch Show, happening Saturday May 18th at Merri Creek Tavern in Northcote. Special guests Louie & The Pride will be opening up on the night, so come on down for night of songs, stories and Stand Still. #howgoodisalliteration

Tickets onsale now from the venue website: www.merricreektavern.com.au