Over the last 15yrs, singer/songwriter Simon Imrei has released two acoustic EP's and two full length albums of original material. In between touring with the likes of The Basics, Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes and The Weeping Willows, Simon has kept a steady roster of live shows under his own name, bringing his mix of blues/soul and folk inspired songs, plus a few covers, to life onstage and blending looped beats & layered riffs with harmonies and honest storytelling.

Having grown up on the Mornington Peninsula, Simon spent his childhood riding in the back of cars along tree-lined roads and through quiet towns listening to the catchy choruses and the pop sensibility of 80s/90s radio. At home, it was his parents’ record collection which paired the storytelling songs of Paul Simon and James Taylor with the bluesy guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix and Santana. It wasn’t until after a family Christmas watching his uncle play Buddy Rich rudiments on his drumkit, that Simon discovered his love for rhythm. This underlying aspect of movement and groove has underpinned his guitar playing and songwriting ever since.


In mid 2019, Simon will release a new single and EP, the follow up to his two-part 2018 album The Sum of Scenes, which featured the likes of Ben Franz (The Waifs), Gretta Ray, Josh Bridges (Mustered Courage), Brooke Russell, & more.


For any booking or general enquiries, email Simon directly: simon <at> simonimrei <dot> com